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Virtual Receptionist – Jumpstart

Virtual Receptionist is a hosted PBX auto attendant service with intelligent routing that automatically greets and routes phone calls based on your office schedule. It gives your company a professional image, saves you time and money by freeing your receptionist from routing calls and improves your customer experience by making sure their calls are greeted and routed correctly whether or not you are in the office.

    1. Login to www.ifbyphone.com with your User ID and password. Select Virtual Receptionist from the Basic Services tab.
    2. On the Virtual Receptionist page, select to “Create a new Virtual Receptionist.”


  1. On the Virtual Receptionist – Edit/Add Menu page, configure the following options:

    • Menu Name: Give the Virtual Receptionist a name.
    • Greeting Text (prompt) – Type the greeting to be read via text-to-speech to your customers when their call is first answered by the Virtual Receptionist. Even if you will be using audio for your greeting, you will need to input something in this field.
    • Use Recording for prompt:
        Check this box if you want to use audio, rather than text-to- speech, for your greeting. You may either upload your own WAV file or record a new one. If you choose to record a new one, after configuring this page you will be taken to a screen where you can enter in your phone number and the system will call you to record your greeting.
    • Set as default menu: Checking this box will make this menu your main Virtual Receptionist tied to your primary phone number. If you maintain your phone numbers on the Phone Routing page, you can ignore this item.
    • Don’t read menu options: If you are typing a greeting text or using an audio file that tells callers what to push to access your menu options, then you will want to check this box so that the Ifbyphone system does not automatically read your menu options.
    • Allow barge-in for introduction: Selecting this option will allow a person to choose a menu option while the introduction is being played. If you’re going to allow barge-in for menu options, it makes sense to allow barge-in for introduction as well, so that callers familiar with your Virtual Receptionist can select an option quickly.
    • Allow barge-in for menu options: selecting this option will allow a person to choose a menu option while the options are being read. If you’re going to allow barge-in for introduction, it makes sense to allow barge-in for menu options as well.
    • Touch Tone (DTMF) only: Checking this box makes it so that only keypad entries will work for selecting menu options. Voice commands will be disabled. This feature is useful for people who have callers calling in from loud areas where a voice prompt may be affected by background noise.

    Click Save.

  2. After clicking the save button, two new links appear. To add menu options to your Virtual Receptionist, click the link “Add a new Menu Option.” On the Virtual Receptionist – Edit/Add Menu Item page, configure the following options:

    • Menu Item Tag (voice command): Name the menu item. If you are allowing speech recognition, the caller may say this menu item tag, as well as press the keypad number, to access this menu item.
    • Keypad Number (used): This is the keypad entry a caller will enter to access this menu item. Keypad numbers can be up to 4 digits long.
    • Hidden Menu Option: Checking this box will make the menu item hidden, so that it is not recognizable to any callers except those who know to specifically access it.
    • Action: From the drop-down menu, choose what you want the menu item to do when selected. You have the following applications or routing options to choose from (note that these applications must be set up before routing to them):

    Find Me – Ifbyphone will call a list of your phone numbers, allowing callers to find you at multiple locations by dialing a single number.
    Lead Distributor – Dynamically route calls to a team based on percentage of calls each agent should get, as well as the schedule of each agent.
    Locator – For businesses with multiple branches. Ifbyphone will route callers to their nearest branch based on the geographical location of the caller.
    Phone Directory – A dial-by-name employee directory.
    Play Audio – Upload an audio file to play.
    Read Text – The system will read whatever you type in this field.
    SurVo – Hosted, customizable IVR that allows you to create unique dialog forms for customer surveys, order status information, appointment reminders, and more.
    Transfer Call – Enter in a phone number and Ifbyphone will transfer the call to it. Transfer Call w/Whisper Message – In addition to transferring the call, Ifbyphonewill whisper the text you type into the field to the person who answers the calls. Virtual Receptionist – Transfer to another Virtual Receptionist menu.
    Voice Broadcast Opt Out – If you are doing Voice Broadcasting and want those you call to be able to opt out of future messages from you, they can call into an Ifbyphone phone number and opt out of future messages by accessing this menu item.
    Voice Mail Greeting – Route callers to a Voice Mail box where they can leave a message that will be emailed to you.

    *Note that for many of these actions, an entry field will appear labeled “First Read This Text (optional).” This optional field lets you type in a message, such as “now connecting your call” to the caller. If you do not want to read any text prior to the action, leave this field blank. VR-Add-Edit-Menu-Page

    Click Save after configuring.

  3. On the Virtual Receptionist – Edit/Add Menu page, you will now see your main options as well as the menu items you have configured. To edit a menu item, click on the edit button associated with that menu item. You will also notice that a new option on the top half of the page appears, called “Default Menu Option.” If you select one of your menu options from the drop-down menu, that option will automatically be selected if a caller does not choose an option when calling into your Virtual Receptionist.
  4. Click Save to save all of your configurations. You may now connect your Virtual Receptionist to a phone number on the Phone Routing page or to another Ifbyphone application.
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