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Case Study: Hosted IVR Integration


MyContact411.com makes it easy for Good Samaritans and Emergency Officials to contact the company’s clients, while keeping their phone numbers confidential. Clients display MyContact411’s toll-free number and a member ID number on property they want to protect. In case of an emergency or lost property, the client can be contacted without ever disclosing their personal contact information.


MyContact411 needed a reliable and robust IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solution to enable their business to expand. The IVR solution would ensure better business continuity, lower operational costs, and provide a unique user experience.


MyContact411 found Ifbyphone and fully implemented an IVR solution with Ifbyphone’s technology in under 1 week. Using Ifbyphone’s simple web interface, MyContact411:

  • Instantly acquired a toll-free number
  • Configured a Virtual Receptionist to automatically greet callers
  • Implemented an IVR to prompt callers for a member ID
  • Securely Integrated Ifbyphone’s IVR with MyContact411’s customer Database


Ifbyphone provided MyContact411 with a quick, affordable and easy IVR solution:

“I wanted to praise Ifbyphone for getting us operational in a time much shorter than we anticipated and with more functionality than we currently had built-in to our communication service,” said Bob Bira, CEO of MyContact411.com.

“Ifbyphone has been more responsive to questions and ideas from us and our programmers than any other vendor I’ve ever dealt with. The amount we had been quoted to build our own IVR was astronomical and Ifbyphone offers a complete solution affordably. Ifbyphone’s interface is easy to understand and amazingly flexible to alter our business at a moments notice.”

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