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Ifbyphone in the Press (Updated March 21)

The EComm (Emerging Communications) 2008 conference is under way as of Wednesday morning and Ifbyphone, a silver sponsor, has been in the press quite a bit. Ifbyphone CEO Irv Shapiro gave a speech yesterday on the usefulness of Phone Mashups and announced Ifbyphone’s plan to give away 1 million minutes a month to developers to promote the creation of new third-party voice applications. Here are a few of the links. We’ll add to the list as more go live:

VoIP News

Information Week


Thomas Howe Log on Ifbyphone CEO Irv Shapiro : Irv’s company, ifbyphone, looks to me like the phone mashup service provider that’s closest to getting it. His presentation was right on, his message clear, and the ifbyphone business model looks like it might be a winner. Pay attention to them.

 The VoIP Weblog

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