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Introducing: Phone Mashups

At EComm 2008 our CEO, Irv Shapiro announced our new initiative aimed at allowing developers easy access to our technology (see mentions at Information Week, MacWorld, Thomas Howe, VOIP Weblog, and VOIP News). We are offering free accounts to developers so they can look at our technology, and see how easy it is to use our services. To signup for your free account, head over to PhoneMashup.com and click on the Free Mashup Account link to sign up.

Feel free to call me if you have any questions.

We talk a lot about the concept of mashups around here. What that really means to me is that people are starting to integrate voice into every day applications.

There simply is no better way to keep in better touch with your clients and prospects than by talking to them. The most successful companies will be the ones who consider voice as an integral part of their overall communication strategy. Certainly there are places where Email or websties or RSS or other means are a great way to keep in touch. But with the technology available today, you have the ability to use all methods in any given situation.

For example. Let’s say you have an overloaded HR department, and you’re going through a hiring push. You want to pre-screen applicants to see which meet some basic requirements. In the past, you could have people directed to a website where they could answer the questions. Today, you can choose any number of ways to get that information. By creating a simple Survo (our powerful and simple IVR like functionality) you now have any number of ways to gather that information.

You can automate outbound calls to the applicants. You can send an Email with a link to the web site and a link that would allow them to answer via the phone. You can tell them to call an 800# if you’d like. The point is you have much greater flexibility. YOU can choose how you want to be in touch.

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