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Social Media Ads Are Everywhere. Now What?

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Acclaimed marketing consultant Mark Schaefer recently observed how social media advertising is changing the fortunes–or at least the hopes–of businesses competing in the era of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. On his popular business blog {Grow}, Schaefer noted:

“I find that nearly every company is pinning its monetization hopes on one thing — advertising.  I began to wonder … where is all this advertising going to go? Where will come from? And how are we going to know if it is doing any good? Will it be diluted into oblivion?”

Schaefer tapped Ifbyphone CEO and CTO Irv Shapiro for some insight and answers. Irv advises businesses to first demand more from their social ads and hold them to the same high ROI standards as print and search ads. He also points to using the right technology to help marketers compete in “a new generation of analytics.”

Read the full post here:

“What are we going to do with all the social media ads?”

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