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The Ifbyphone 2013 State of Marketing Measurement Survey Is Now Available

call tracking numbersI am delighted to introduce the Ifbyphone 2013 State of Marketing Measurement Survey, one of the most exciting research studies we have conducted in this rapidly changing sector.

As both a technologist and a marketer myself, I am fascinated by many of the results that reflect the innovation that is occurring in marketing measurement, from new developments in marketing automation to integrated CRM and web analytics, behavioral metrics and heat maps.

However, it is in my role as CEO of Ifbyphone that I relate most closely with one of the survey’s key trends. As my own marketing team will attest, I thrive on data to make my decisions and run our business. The better the data, the better my decision making will be. The more frequently I can receive it, the more refined my strategies will be.

I seek to track our marketing returns daily so it is with a wry smile that I note the growing influence, and support, that my CEO peers are also developing with their marketing teams. By working closely with our own growth hackers, the members of our marketing team who are tasked with identifying, tracking, and pursuing growth, I feel confident in my organization’s ability to innovate across marketing channels to get the best return on our investment.

With emerging measurement technologies, marketers are able to take credit more directly for revenue and the new customers their marketing efforts generate. I am eager for all marketers to take advantage of their CEO’s growing support and to be better prepared to answer those ‘return on investment’ questions they can expect to receive on a frequent basis.

I hope you enjoy the report, and happy growth hacking!

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    June 3, 2013 at 6:59 pm by Deetta Defont

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