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API & Integrations

Integrate Ifbyphone with the Applications You Rely On

Ifbyphone seamlessly integrates with your CRM, web analytics, help desk and other applications using pre-built integrations and a full set of open APIs. Need a custom solution? Our Customer Engineering Team is here to help design, develop and implement exactly what you need.

Featured Integrations:


Ifbyphone Salesforce Integration

Salesforce CRM

Track, manage, and optimize phone leads and support calls throughout the customer journey – from leads to revenue to loyal customers.

Web Analytics

Ifbyphone Universal Analytics Demo

Universal Analytics

Gain deep insights into online visitor activity and discover which events drive phone calls.

Website Optimization

Optimizely Integration


Optimize lead gen by finding the website and landing page variations that generate the most web and phone leads.

Bid Management Integrations:

Kenshoo Integration


Improve ROI from PPC search and display campaigns by call conversion analytics side-by-side with web clicks.

Ifbyphone marin Integration

Marin Software

Optimize keyword bidding and search marketing to generate more calls and sales.

Ifbyphone Acquisio Integration


Optimize PPC bids, call conversions, and revenue from search advertising.



Generate more calls and sales from digital marketing by optimize keyword bidding across engines.

Marketing Automation Integrations:

Ifbyphone Act-On Integration


Integrate phone call conversion data
in Act-On for smarter marketing.

Ifbyphone Hubspot Integration


Prove and improve how your marketing
drives web and call conversions.

Tag Management Integrations:

Kenshoo Integration

Google Tag Manager

Easily add and update website tags – including analytics, remarketing, and more.

Ifbyphone marin Integration


Free yourself from the limitations of tags.

Ifbyphone Acquisio Integration


Easily deploy or edit vendor tags without burdening developers.

Additional Integrations:

Ifbyphone Unbounce Integration


Boost your Unbounce conversion rates with more effective landing pages.

Ifbyphone Zendesk Integration


Automatically turn support calls into tickets, record customer service calls, transcribe voicemails and more.


Your Web Application

Integrate your other applications with Ifbyphone’s full suite of APIs.

Customize Your Integration with our APIs and Customer Engineering Team

Ifbyphone’s full suite of APIs support custom integrations into virtually any web application. Our Customer Engineering Team can help design, build and deploy a custom integration to your exact specifications. Learn more.

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