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Top 10 Cool & Free Text Message & Toll Free Services For Your Cell Phone

Here are 10 of our favorite Free SMS or Toll-Free services that help you access information from your phone. Have an idea for a new one? We’ll show you how to use Ifbyphone’s phone mashup technology to create your own toll-free information service. Create it for yourself, your friends, or your business.

(UPDATE: Here’s our latest favorite. Send a text message to 813-GET-BEER with the name of a beer and we’ll send you back reviews. See how it works here.)

10. TellMe – Call 800-555-Tell to get info on sports, news, weather, stocks, and horoscopes.

9. Rejection Hotline – Ever been asked out by someone who doesn’t understand “no”? Give them your phone number- 973-409-3282. When they call they will hear a rejection message. Additional numbers are available in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta and more. For example, try the Chicago hotline at 312-588-3108.

8. 800-Free-411 – Need a phone number? Don’t want to pay for 411? Call 800-FREE-411 and in return for listening to a few quick ads you can lookup a phone number while you’re on the road.

7. No Service Emergency Number – If you’re out of range, 112 is the international emergency telephone number for GSM mobile phone networks.


6. 866-411-Song – Ever heard a song and wished you knew who the artist or what the song name was? Call 866-411-Song, hold the phone up to the music for 15 seconds, and you’ll receive a text message with the song info and link to buy the song.

5. Popularity Dialer – The Popularity Dialer is a free service where you can schedule a call to yourself ahead of time to get yourself out of an uncomfortable situation. When you answer the phone, you’ll hear a recorded message for the other half of the conversation. Request calls from a male or female about going out, your boss, a cousin in need, of from someone telling you how great you are.

4. TEXT ‘DIET1′ – Get nutritional information about 10,000s of dishes at 1000s of restaurants.

3. Dodgeball – Ever want to go to an event but you’re not sure where it is located? Text ‘DODGE’ (36343) with a venue name and Dodgeball will reply with the venue’s address. Dodgeball will notify your friends about where you are hanging out.

2. Google SMS – Text a search query to GOOGLE (466453) and Google will text back results. Get info on weather, sports, movies, stocks, postal codes, flights, translations, currency conversion, and much more all for free from Google.

1. 888-FRUCALL – Were you ever in a store wondering how much a product costs elsewhere? Call 888-FRUCALL or text FRU11 to access comparison shopping information from your cell phone. Just enter the bar code number of the product and FRUCALL will give you online comparison pricing information.

Like these services? Have an idea for one? You can actually build your own with Ifbyphone’s easy-to-use phone mashup toolkit. Use interactive voice response technology to interact with callers and provide information from your database, web application, and more.

For example, using our phone mashup toolkit we’ve developed free services to get reviews over the phone from Yelp.com (Call 866.596.8333 to try it) and to get driving directions between to locations based on phone number.

You can even build your own iPhone app on our platform.

Learn more about creating your own toll free phone mashup service.




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  2. If you call any of these “toll free” numbers, they aren’t really free because they are still using your minutes, which you have to pay for every month. :)

    January 17, 2010 at 8:28 pm by geeknik
  3. Thanks for a great list! However, #7 is incorrect. If a cell phone has no coverage (is out of range of the towers) it cannot complete a call at all! I believe you are referring to an FCC requirement that cell carriers in the US route emergency calls from cell phones even if the phone carries no current service contract.

    January 6, 2010 at 11:49 am by Anonymous
  4. Hey, this is an awesome list. I’m also try to see which phone is the best. When you have a moment check out my Top Ten Cell Phones project. Thanks.

    January 4, 2009 at 1:32 pm by Kris NYC

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