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10 Benefits Of Call Tracking

Why You Should Be Measuring Your "Call Us" Ads

Why spend money on marketing efforts that don’t work? Learn how to demonstrate marketing ROI using local Call Tracking numbers on each of your marketing channels; then integrate your data with Google Analytics to analyze your unique phone leads in real time.

If you aren’t measuring the lead source of each marketing channel that you advertise on, then you are missing out on data that determines your most effective marketing efforts.

This Call Tracking guide gives you the scoop on how to boost your business by measuring your “Call Us” Ads.

  • Track phone leads back to specific TV, radio, print, or web ads
  • Use unique, local phone numbers for each marketing channel for accurate measurement 
  • Demonstrate concrete marketing ROI from every source
  • Integrate with Google Analytics and see your call data in real time, alongside your web analytics

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