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Virtual Call Center

Set Up A Professional Virtual Call Center in Minutes

Ifbyphone’s Call Management and Instant Virtual Call Center tools provide an easy, fast, and cost-effective cloud-based call center solution for your sales and support teams. It’s an unCall center: a next-generation call center that requires no expensive hardware or IT support.

Route Calls to Agents Anywhere on Any Phone with Automated Call Distributor

Ifbyphone makes it easy for businesses of every size to cost-effectively deploy 
a virtual call center. There’s no hardware to buy, no software to install, and no implementation or maintenance team to hire. You can set up an optional IVR auto-attendant and your automated call distributor rules in minutes, and you’re on your way.

Ifbyphone’s Instant Virtual Call Center solution is extremely flexible, so your agents can work from home, on the road, or any office location using any phone while still operating seamlessly as one team. Plus it’s scalable, so you can easily accommodate extra call center agents during peak seasons.

Key Features of the Instant Virtual Call Center

  • Answer calls on any phone you choose
    Talk to customers using your existing phones ― office, home, cell phone, even Skype. There’s no new equipment to buy.
  • Have calls follow your agents wherever they go
    With our Instant Virtual Call Center, your agents can log in from anywhere – in the office, on the road, at the airport, or working from home – and their calls find them.
  • Route calls based on your business needs
    Set up call routing rules based on your office hours or by the geography of your agents or store locations. You can also route calls by IVR menu response, caller’s product interest, and much more.
  • Set up custom IVRs to manage and route inbound calls
    Easily create and update your own IVR auto-attendant to answer and route calls, provide account data and other info, and much more. No IT programmers needed.
  • Integrate with other Ifbyphone applications 
    The Instant Virtual Call Center integrates seamlessly with our call tracking, voice broadcasting, and other products.
  • Empower agents with caller information
    Call center agents can view caller info before answering the call, take notes on call quality, and transfer callers to another person or department.

Control Your Call Queuing Experience

When callers are placed on hold, you want full control over their experience. Ifbyphone lets you select the music or promotional messages they hear, the maximum amount of time they’ll have to wait, the number of callers in your queue, and much more. You can also set up priority queuing to speed VIP customers to the front of the line.

Integrate with Your CRM and Help Desk Systems

Ifbyphone’s Instant Virtual Call Center integrates with CRM and held desk systems like Salesforce.com and Zendesk. For sales leads, every incoming call gets logged automatically in your CRM, along with data on the caller and the marketing source that lead them to call. For support calls, every call gets automatically turned into an actionable, organized help desk ticket, saving your agents time and enabling them to serve more customers.

Record and Transcribe Calls to Improve Marketing, Sales, and Support

Call recordings and transcription provide a wealth of information to mine. What terminology do prospects use? How do they describe their pain points? Use this knowledge to build more effective marketing campaigns and sales pitches. For support calls, monitor the service levels of each agent to ensure your customers are getting first-class support. Learn how call recording regulations apply in your state by visiting the Call Recording Regulations section.

Ifbyphone offers three levels of transcription services, each one suited to your particular needs:

  • Standard Transcription: Fully automated machine transcription
  • Premium Transcription: Combined machine and human transcription
  • Ultra Transcription: Human only transcription

Transcription is currently available for all customers. Pricing starts as low as $0.045 for transcription of a 30-second message.

Centrally Monitor Activity with Real-Time and Historical Call Reports

Monitoring call center activity is easy using web-based real-time and historical reports. How many did each agent handle in a given time? How long did calls last? What was the average time a customer waited to speak with an agent? How many hours a day does each agent spend on incoming calls, outbound calls, and break? What time do agents first log in and last log out? All this data is at your fingertips.

Featured Resources

Demo Video:


This is how you can set up a virtual call center using our Call Distributor. This is how you add agents to your virtual call center.

We’ve successfully eliminated our reliance on our physical call center by using Ifbyphone to dynamically route and record thousands of phone calls to staff working on their own schedule, with their own phone, from remote locations. The technology and cost savings has already helped us build a local presence in four new markets.

-Steve Peris, Attendance Improvement Management

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