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Salesforce CRM Integration

Ifbyphone’s award-winning integration with Salesforce enables marketing and sales teams to work together to generate more high-quality leads and acquire more customers over the phone.

Salesforce Reports Have a Blind Spot That Impacts Marketing

If you track marketing leads and opportunities in Salesforce, chances are your data isn’t giving you the full picture. That’s because when inbound sales calls come in, Salesforce can’t tell which marketing source drove that phone lead. And your sales reps fielding the call won’t know either.

Without this important data, you could be dramatically understating the impact of your marketing on leads, sales pipeline, revenue, and ROI. Plus you can’t tell exactly which programs are really working, and which aren’t, and optimize campaigns and spend to improve results.

Know Which Marketing Programs Make Your Phone Ring

Ifbyphone’s integration with Salesforce tracks incoming calls back to the specific marketing source that originated them. It works for any type of marketing — online, mobile, or offline. Ifbyphone then includes this data in Salesforce with the rest of your lead data, giving you complete, detailed visibility into conversion rates, sales pipeline, and marketing ROI for every source.

With Ifbyphone’s Salesforce integration, you have the marketing data you need to optimize campaigns. Plus you can prove to your CEO or marketing clients the full impact of your work on revenue.

Arm Sales with Context on Every Caller Before Answering

Ifbyphone includes an integrated phone panel within Salesforce that your sales agents can use to make and receive calls. When calls come in, the panel displays the exact lead source for the call, including any search keywords they used to find you. It also whispers this data to your agent before they accept the call, so even if agents answer away from their computer, they are still armed with valuable information for improving conversation quality.

Create and Update Lead Records for Every Call Automatically

If the lead already exists in Salesforce, the Ifbyphone panel will display the name and provide a quick link to the record for easy access. If it’s a first-time caller, Ifbyphone can automatically create a new Salesforce record, saving your agents time. If calls come in afterhours or go unanswered, Ifbyphone still captures the data and displays it in a “Missed Call” queue for easy access, ensuring you never miss a lead.

Trigger Outbound Calls by Clicking on Numbers in Salesforce

Ifbyphone also helps make sales reps more efficient by triggering outbound calls from any record in Salesforce. Simply click on the phone number and Ifbyphone will call you on any phone you choose, then automatically call your lead to connect you. What’s more, if your rep is working from home or travelling, you can still have your business’s phone number (and not the rep’s personal line) show up on that lead’s caller ID.

Part of Ifbyphone’s Voice-Based Marketing Automation Suite

Ifbyphone’s Salesforce integration is part of our voice-based marketing automation suite includes call tracking, IVR for phone lead scoring, custom call routing, call recording, and more.

Ifbyphone’s award-winning Salesforce integration is available via an app you can download on the Salesforce AppExchange.

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“You guys have a very slick platform. I am absolutely impressed with how easy it was to integrate such a dynamic system.”

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