Voice-Based Marketing Automation

Connect, Measure, and Optimize Sales and Service Calls

Voice-Based Marketing Automation

Ifbyphone helps companies optimize revenue generation through call analytics and automation. With Ifbyphone, you connect, measure, and optimize voice interactions with your prospects, creating closed-loop marketing where every lead is captured, responded to properly, scored, and then nurtured.

Lead Capture

  • Track which ads drive phone leads
  • Capture details about each caller
  • Turn an email lead into a phone lead

Lead Response

  • Create personalized greetings
  • Know who is calling before you answer
  • Forward calls based on geography, time of day, and team schedules
  • Turn email into instant callbacks

Lead Scoring

  • Ask a series of IVR qualifying questions
  • Forward prospects based on responses
  • Integrate with CRM and marketing automation

Application Integration

  • Combine all your data in Google Analytics
  • Deliver call data in Salesforce
  • Create an integration using open APIs


  • Determine campaigns with the greatest ROI
  • Uncover keywords that drive phone calls
  • Integrate real-time reporting with your tools

Lead Nurturing

  • Gather prospect info using voice-surveys
  • Broadcast notifications to prospects & customers
  • Communicate by voice or text message


Marketing automation focuses on managing, measuring, and automating leads through your sales and marketing funnel. Conventional tools don’t give you the full picture when you only manage online lead flow such as email, SEO, and paid search ads. Not every lead stays online. What happens when a prospect calls you for information or to make a purchase? You need a solution that unites online, offline, and mobile leads. The solution is voice-based marketing automation from Ifbyphone.

No assembly required

There are three ways to buy a bookshelf for your office. The first is to build the bookshelf yourself. To do this, you need the carpentry skills, the resources to buy materials, and the time to build. The second way is to hire a carpenter to build a custom bookshelf. These resources are expensive. The third way is to buy a pre-built bookshelf requiring no assembly. You gain benefits from this bookshelf almost immediately. This is exactly how the Ifbyphone voice-based marketing automation platform works. Our pre-built applications work seamlessly with each other. Our prebuilt integrations get you up-and-running with your existing systems quickly. If you would like to build applications and integrations yourself, you can by using our extensive APIs. Ifbyphone enables you to capture, respond, score, and nurture phone leads almost immediately.

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