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Measure everything

Marketing without the right analytical tools is like flying a plane without a compass: it’s dangerous guesswork. To make better decisions, you need to constantly measure your marketing effectiveness. Ifbyphone’s analytics enable you to determine which activities have the greatest impact – online, offline, and mobile – so you can adjust your strategy and increase marketing ROI.

Determine campaigns with the greatest ROI

Marketing pioneer John Wannamaker once said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted… The trouble is, I don’t know which half.” And as the list of available marketing vehicles continues to grow (mobile, print, email, outdoor, online search, social media, etc.), so does the challenge of proving which ones drive the greatest ROI.

Ifbyphone’s reports include a range of call analytics including call count, time, duration, geography and routing information. These metrics illuminate which marketing efforts drive phone calls, generate leads and grow sales. Real-time analytics also enable you to quickly test ad creative by measuring which content drives the most calls – no more guessing or waiting days or weeks for ad performance reports. We work with industry leader TARGUSinfo® to deliver an enhanced view of your leads by providing additional contact information based on the caller ID.

Uncover keywords that drive phone calls

Tying a phone lead or a phone conversion to a search keyword gives you and your team unique insights into the value of your paid search marketing efforts, both online and mobile. SourceTrak by Ifbyphone presents a different phone number on your website for each keyword, referring domain or ad campaign. This helps you determine which online and mobile efforts generate the most phone calls, the best conversion rates and the highest paid search ROI. What’s more, you can insert trackable Ifbyphone numbers in your Google mobile paid search ads, so you can track mobile calls from ads all the way through your lead funnel.

Integrate real-time reporting with your tools

Ifbyphone analytics are generated in real-time within the Ifbyphone voice-based marketing automation platform. View reports directly from the online portal, schedule and email reports to your team, or integrate call reports into your existing applications. Ifbyphone has pre-built integrations with many applications including Google Analytics and Salesforce.com, as well as a full suite of APIs for custom integrations.

Provide first-rate customer service using call recording

Recording inbound calls gives you a complete view of the interactions between customers and your representatives, allowing you to pinpoint and record the portion of the call that’s most beneficial for your business. Gain valuable insight as to what are the callers’ most frequent questions, recurring issues or greatest areas of need. You can even use the records for training purposes and to identify best practices on-call.

Gather the demographic data you wish you had

Oftentimes you want more data than you have captured or you have in your database. Using “reverse lookup” you quickly retrieve the associated name, city, and state for a given phone number. Our partner, and industry leader, TARGUSinfo® delivers this information so your marketing can be highly targeted and personalized.

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