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Application Integration

Integrate Ifbyphone with the Applications You Rely On

Ifbyphone was built to seamlessly integrate with your Google, CRM, help desk, and other applications using pre-built integrations and open APIs. Sharing Ifbyphone’s data and linking its functionality with other systems enables you to automate processes, work smarter, and maximize application ROI.

Get Started with Pre-Built Integrations with Google Analytics, Salesforce, Zendesk, and More

Ifbyphone comes with pre-built integrations for a variety of popular applications. Some examples of Ifbyphone’s pre-built integrations include:

Integrate Other Applications with Ifbyphone Using Our APIs

Ifbyphone’s full suite of APIs supports custom integrations into virtually any web application. Our Customer Engineering Team can help design, build and deploy a custom integration to your exact specifications.

  • Call Initiation APIs
    Establish conditions in your other applications that automatically trigger voice broadcasts. For example, send a delivery notification one day in advance and another the day of a service call with the option to reschedule if necessary.
  • Account Management APIs
    Forward calls in real time based on responses to automated questions. For example, a customer that needs a taxi can be automatically routed to the right dispatcher based on answers to simple questions such as location and destination.
  • Reporting APIs
    Take all the real-time reports from the voice-based marketing automation platform and integrate them into your other reporting applications.
  • NetGet APIs Enable call data to be pushed into your other systems in real time as a call progresses
    The data can be stored in your own database, used to look up info in your database, and then sent back as a simple XML-formatted response.
  • Post-Call Action APIs send data to your web server as soon as a call is completed
    The data can include such things as the date and time of the call, call duration, caller ID, actions taken, and more.

White Label and Reseller Opportunities

The Ifbyphone platform is compatible with white label, co-branded, or reseller solutions that wish to manage multiple client campaigns through one reseller portal.

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