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Lead Capture

Know who is calling and why

You drive leads from a variety of sources, online, offline, and mobile. But how do you know which marketing activities actually drive prospects to pick up the phone and call your sales team? Measuring the effect of your marketing and its ROI can be tricky.

Ifbyphone enables you to track the source of every call, understand the ROI associated with that source, and reinvest in the best performing sources. Then, as leads come in, Ifbyphone captures key information about each lead – from the prospect’s caller ID to the original Google keyword.

Now you can finally respond to the lead appropriately and begin a nurturing process to move that lead through your purchase funnel.

Track which ads drive phone leads

Trackable, virtual phone numbers are the gateway to better understanding your marketing ROI and a closer connection to your leads and customers. By simply using unique local or toll-free phone numbers in your offline, mobile, and online marketing, you track the success of campaigns. Additionally, these numbers work with Ifbyphone’s entire voice-based marketing automation platform providing a measurement solution for all voice leads.

Capture lead details in real-time

The Ifbyphone platform captures vital information about leads that you might not otherwise capture including called ID, duration of the call, keyword source, number of calls per keyword, conversion rate, and IVR responses. All of this data is delivered in real-time reports from the Ifbyphone platform. It also can be integrated with your CRM system such as Salesforce or other tracking systems such as Google Analytics. You can even append data such as name, city, and state using reverse lookup from our partner, and industry leader, TARGUSinfo®.

Turn an email lead into a phone lead

It is no secret that emails pile up. Ifbyphone customers report an average of 100 emails per day, day-after-day-after-day. The volume becomes so great it is difficult to respond effectively. Worse yet, some of these emails are leads – and the longer the response time, the colder the lead. MyLeadResponder solves this problem by simultaneously delivering an email lead and a phone call to the appropriate rep. This simultaneous delivery promotes immediate response leading to more qualified leads and more sales.

Make it easy for prospects to connect

MyLeadResponder also generates immediate connections from any online form with a “submit” button. Your prospect completes a form, clicks submit, and your sales rep receives an immediate call. You can also inject your web pages with a specific call to action using Ifbyphone Click-to-Call. When a prospect or customer enters their phone number, your rep and the lead are instantly connected by phone and begin having a conversation about your products and services. Click-to-call reduces website abandonment, increases lead conversion, and improves online marketing analytics

Capture incoming leads any time and on any device

The Ifbyphone voice-based marketing automation platform is compatible with any type of phone: land line, mobile phone or VoIP device. You can access your Ifbyphone account from a web browser, which makes it easy to manage leads, create qualifying questions, specify how calls are forwarded, and create call queues.

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