Voice-Based Marketing Automation

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Lead Nurturing

Turn leads into customers faster

Many times a prospect requires more information before they are ready to buy. Nurturing these leads keeps them engaged and moves them through the sales funnel. The three key elements of lead nurturing include gathering lead information, determining the relevant content mix, and choosing the right contact method. Voice-based marketing automation delivers the ideal platform for all three.

Gather insight using voice-based surveys

Nurturing is all about relevancy. Is your marketing message relevant? Is your content relevant? Is your product or service relevant? Too often you don’t have enough information in your marketing database to understand which messages truly resonate with your prospects. An automated voice-based survey lets you better understand what your prospects think by asking them a few short questions.

Surveys are an effective way to solicit feedback from customers on your products and services. You can personalize questions by audience, market segment, or product line using IVR. Then deliver those surveys using a Click-to-Call on a web site, an inbound toll-free number, or even through an outbound voice broadcast.

Broadcast relevant notifications to prospects and customers

Once you understand what your prospects, customers and vendors believe is important, easily deliver interactive voice notifications. Voice notifications also automate phone calls for appointment reminders, delivery confirmations, event promotion, and accounts receivable collection – virtually any vital communication where email or postal mail does not have the necessary immediacy or open rates.

Communicate by voice or text message

The use of text messaging continues to grow and SMS is becoming an increasingly important marketing tool. Well-timed, brief, focused text messages can drive prospect and customer action such as:

  • Appointment notifications
  • Limited time promotional offers
  • Phone number verification
  • Travel confirmation

When executed properly, voice-based marketing automation is a key component of your marketing mix. Not only does it gather information about customers and prospects, it also delivers relevant information to compel prospects and customer to take further action.

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