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Lead Response

Respond to leads faster and close more business

Growing your business involves more than just generating leads – you must also convert leads into customers. Voice-based marketing automation speeds the conversion process.

With Ifbyphone you define how calls from leads are handled: some may be transferred to a sales rep, others to the nearest retail location, and some may go directly to your cell phone. The process can be as simple or complex as your business needs require. You define the rules and modify them as business grows.

Create personalized greetings based on the caller

Marketing is most effective when aligned with your brand and connected with the prospect or customer’s immediate need. Using the Ifbyphone platform, you easily configure virtual receptionist services ensuring each call is greeted and forwarded correctly.

Know who is calling before you answer

Providing information about a caller before your rep answers gives him a powerful head start in moving the conversation towards a sale. Ifbyphone uses a short, automated voice message or a “whisper” to communicate information about a caller. If your rep takes the call, Ifbyphone connects the two parties automatically. If not, Ifbyphone finds the next available rep using the Find Me application.

Forward calls based on geography, time of day, and team schedules

No matter where your prospects call from, you can ensure that calls end up in the right place. The Ifbyphone platform routes calls based on your business rules such as office hours, nearest store or team schedule. Plus, you can easily set up a virtual call center to distribute leads to remote agents or prequalify leads before routing the call to your sales team.

Turn email into instant phone calls

It is no secret that emails pile up. Ifbyphone customers report an average of 100 emails per day, day-after-day-after-day. The volume becomes so great it is difficult to respond effectively. Worse yet, some of these emails are leads – and the longer the response time, the colder the lead. MyLeadResponder solves this problem by simultaneously delivering an email lead and a phone call to the appropriate rep. This simultaneous delivery promotes immediate response leading to more qualified leads and more sales.

Automatically route incoming calls to your nearest retail location

Whether you operate a retail franchise or advertise a specific vanity toll-free number, Store Locator is a perfect solution to easily configure a geographic call routing solution. Once you quickly set up your Store Locator, use our call tracking reports to see details about the calls to each location.

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