Voice-Based Marketing Automation

Connect, Measure, and Optimize Sales and Service Calls

About Ifbyphone

Ifbyphone manages, measures and automates voice conversations with your customers and prospects. These conversations cannot be managed using marketing automation or CRM software alone. Without Ifbyphone’s voice-based marketing automation, catching these interactions is like fishing with a hole in the bottom of your net – leads and information fall out. The Ifbyphone suite is a set of software-as-a-service applications including ad tracking, lead distribution, hosted IVR, and voice broadcasting. Companies of all sizes and across all industries use Ifbyphone including direct response, health care, real estate, home services, and lead generation.

Our Core Values

  1. We will be the easiest company you have ever worked with, whether you are an employee, customer or investor
  2. We are committed to do the right thing for our employees, customers and investors
  3. We need to think fast, move fast and grow fast
  4. We need to be profitable in order to consistently serve our employees, customer and investors

Our Management Team



Irv Shapiro


Steven Dimmitt

Steve Dimmitt

Sr. Vice President of Sales & Customer Experience

Picture of Bob Doyle

Bob Doyle

Executive Vice President of Engineering


Josh Mallamud

Sr. Vice President of Corporate Development & Strategic Partnerships

Picture of Steve Griffiths

Steve Griffiths

Sr. Vice President of Marketing and Product Strategy

Picture of Phil Seguin

Phil Seguin

Vice President of Software Development

Picture of Khyle Keys

Khyle Keys

Vice President of Customer Experience

Picture of Brian Stach

Brian Stach

Vice President of Sales

Picture of Jeffery Johnson

Jeffrey Johnson

Director of Infrastructure and Telecommunications

Picture of Brendan Jackson

Brendan Jackson

Director of Marketing

Picture of Aditya Jayanty

Aditya Jayanty

Director of Applications

Our Investment Team

Apex Venture Partners

Apex Venture Partners
Chicago, IL


SSM Partners

SSM Partners
Memphis, TN


Origin Ventures

Origin Ventures
Northbrook, IL


River City Capital Fund

River Cities Capital Funds
Cincinnati, OH


i2A Illinois Accelerator Fund

Chicago, IL


Spring Mill Venture Partners

Spring Mill Venture Partners
Indianapolis, IN


NewSpring Capital

NewSpring Capital
Radnor, PA



Contact Ifbyphone

Corporate Headquarters:
300 West Adams
Suite 900
Chicago, IL 60606
+1 (877) 295-5100

Cleveland Office:
4500 Rockside Road, Suite 100
Independence, OH 44131

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